what the heck...i admit it...i'm dang proud

to be an american

to have parents that stayed together when they were sick of the whole thing

of my pioneer heritage

to have a handsome father devoted to providing for his family...he being filled with integrity

to have a beautiful mother devoted to her husband first and being a good sport

to have five siblings that i adore

that i married a good man that makes me laugh and loves me always

that i married young...in the temple...and have brought eight amazing children into this world

that i breast fed each of those babies and loved them completely

that i graduated from BYU

that i grow amazing roses and bring them in the house to fill the spaces with fragrant beauty

that i rode my bike 300 miles through the Rockies when i was 35

to play the organ for sacrament meeting

that the walls of my home are filled with gorgeous color, and pictures of those that i love, and things that mean something to me

to be able to think for myself --yes i did vote for Ron Paul

that four of my sons have served missions

that their wives are good women who care about real things and i love them as if they were mine

that my sweet girls are devoted to their husbands

to be a good friend who cares to remember my friend's birthdays

that i am dependable...you can count on me

i know how to budget, cook, clean, and efficiently run a household

to have painted a family tree on the wall

that we don't owe anyone any money

that i eat 8-11 fruits and veggies every day

to be able to workout often during the week

that i am confident on a horse

that i have a testimony of the restored gospel of Jesus Christ

(proud does sound vain and puffed up, but without a doubt i am blessed and grateful beyond expression)



Melissa: said…
Awesome! You are the best, I loved this!
cristie said…
i got the idea from nie...it was kind of hard to think of this stuff when my brain is wired to think about all the things i need to improve. xox

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