uncle and niece

for twenty years they have been

 uncle and niece
 he living always far far away
 currently in Switzerland
 they would meet
 whenever he came to town
 he came frequently
 a boy that loves his family
 but now they are much more than uncle and niece
 they are friends
 he coaches her and times her showers
 he shares his life and ideas with her
 and she loves him for all of this and more
 they share food
 and he is good to her
 i doubt their paths would have ever crossed
but being family makes it so
and our lives richer



alison said…
what a wonderful oportunity and generous host! love all the pictures . . . you can see the love!
S. Etole said…
Such great photos. The food on the last post looked delicious.
Katie said…
So beautiful. Two people that I love!
Melissa: said…
You can definitely see the love. What a sweet experience.

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