i was blown away...

A lovely thing about having children
many times you are lucky enough to share their dreams
never in a million years
did i plan to travel to Paris
my lovely Liz has wanted to go ever since Madeline (the cartoon) entertained her as a child
Paris was never "if" but "when"
my brother presented a birthday present
to this birthday girl
"Come visit me"
really, the opportunity of a lifetime
so sweetie sacrificed big time
he cashed in all of his hard earned frequent flier miles...and then some
said he'd get along fine with a quick tutorial
and encouraged us to go

so, we packed our bags
and for two weeks
we lived the life of carefree girls
my first view of the Eiffel tower blew me away
it is enormous
did i say enormous?
no kidding, i got emotional
when we rounded the corner
and BAM! there it was
this is my tour guide
generous brother
and faithful friend
i look excited because...well, it was a big fat WOW!

If you are lucky enough to have lived in Paris as a young man, then wherever you go for the rest of your life, it stays with you, for Paris is a moveable feast.
Ernest Hemmingway


S. Etole said…
I am delighted for you both! I've been missing you here.
Melissa: said…
So amazing. What a memory! Great photos, I can't wait to hear more about it!
dave said…
Great pictures mom! It looks and sounds like you two had a wonderful trip!
The Carters said…
Look like you guys had such a fun time! Can't wait to hear all all about it!
Cath said…
Wow is right. What a magical opportunity! I love the photos. Have you seen Midnight in Paris? A must if you haven't - considering your Hemingway quote. xoxo
Anna Diederich said…
paris is fantastic. i love it! i also love that hemingway quote. tooo true.
cristie said…
i have seen that move twice and enjoyed it so much each time. thanks cath for a great suggestion. xox
cristie said…
sue! i'll be by to visit soon. xox
alison said…
LOVE that picture of Sis wearing her little beret! So cute. Wonderful pictures! The one of the Eifle Tower from below looking up is stunning! Keep em' coming:)

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