One Perfect Day

A few months ago when my son Joe came home from his mission to Arizona I was filled with great hope and anticipation. I felt like I was going to burst in my desire to see and hold that boy. With all of this excitement I looked to the day when all of my children would be together. But, due to STUFF that seemingly perfect moment never came. I remember asking out loud, "is it too much to ask for one perfect day?"

Since that question was vocalized by me I have had a lot of time to think about it. Now I can see that this thinking does not come from a place of abundance. Since then I have had numerous "perfect" moments. All unique to themselves but a common thread that runs throughout... that being gratitude.

Yesterday was such a day. Myself, me, was filled to overflowing with amazement at how much my life has been blessed. I noticed that all of my senses were active, that I was unhurried, that my spirit was at peace. I felt the prayer to be forgiven for being so short sighted. I did not see then that the joy of enjoyment is not about having a preconceived notion in having particular events be just so.

My desire for One Perfect Day has lead me to experience many that are Perfect.



Melissa: said…
so true! I love that you are posting, I love how you write and what you write about!

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