cast on, knit, cast off

metaphor (i think so)

"Choosing your wool is dizzying with potential: The waves of colors and textures tempt with visions of a sweater or cap (and all of the accompanying compliments you hope to receive) but don't reveal the hard work required to get there. Patience and attention to detail make all the difference. Also willingness. Challenge keeps it interesting, but don't select a pattern that's too far beyond you. Always select the best yarn you can afford. And use the type of needle that feels best in your hand; I always used bamboo. Even now, it all seems unbelievable to me that by pulling together a motley collection--the soft yarn, the sharp needles, the scripted pattern, the smoothing hook, the intangibles of creativity, humanity and imagination--you can create something that will hold a piece of your soul. But you can."

The Friday Night Knitting Club by Kate Jacobs

sporting her first knitted creation...miss lizzie...
and yes, she does hold a piece of my soul



S. Etole said…
Looks like some serious concentration going on here!
Unknown said…
What a great idea! I tried to pass this on years earlier, and it fell by the wayside. I'm terrible at fixing mistakes and so we bought a few books... and then I don't know.
This would be a good thing to pick up again , now that the girls will be inside more for the winter. They could invite their friends over even, thx!
great metaphor btw.

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