the age old problem

i said, "are you sure you don't want to fly that in a field?"

he said, "naw, it'll be ok."

his ever faithful mother is standing ready to retrieve
aircraft gone awry 

he goes up

he comes down empty handed

meanwhile, brother is launching

they discuss their options

the brothers came with two flying toys
and will leave with one

their saintly mother
knowing what matters
(a lesson for the grammy)
one aircraft snuggly lodged in the evergreen
but two boys
still smiling

waiting for dad or the wind 



Melissa: said…
Talk about capturing the moment! :) Great pictures Cristie. I love the intense look on those boys' faces.
S. Etole said…
yes, it's the love that matters ...
Cath said…
This photo story is so precious! I love seeing those two boys together and Melissa in action! Such an excellent Mommy. Thanks Cristie.
Meesh said…
Great blog Christie! I love these pictures of Melissa and Sam's boys. The pictures of them playing are truly authentic boyhood!

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