get excited!

this is the birthday boy
holding an amazing gadget
i wrote,
"get excited"
then three days
each day a clue

this boy loves to cook
desserts, savory, amazing
i enjoy everything he prepares

he appreciates nice things
limes and lemons
get the begeebers squeezed out of them

every green drink
needs fresh lime juice



alison said…
you are so thoughtful and fun. each night we would discuss the clues. i love you.
Unknown said…
this so made me think of my husband.
he is the joy I usually hold reserved.

and my kids. like yours.

I do so wish to get together with you and chat and laugh and be who are lives have made us rise to,
together one day.
can you think it?

love to you
Melissa: said…
haha, great picture! (perfect gift for him!)
Relyn Lawson said…
I WANT that hat!! Plus, I love that picture. Look at those happy, zany, expressive eyes.

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