mother would say...

"going to hell in a handbasket" 

this would be used in reference to world affairs
so it would go like this

some awful story would be televised
and out of the blue
"we're all going to hell in a handbasket"

i didn't hear this phrase often
much less references to hell,
although this is where she said liars go
just the same
when she said this
i took note

most of her people came from England
a few from Ireland
mother had many idiom's sprinkled in her speech
a heritage

not lace
no clock or trunk
no china
or quilts

just saying
missing my mom



S. Etole said…
I used to hear that saying as a child ... I believe it was an uncle that said it.

I miss my mom, too ...
Katie said…
Interesting that you would post this today. I had a dream about grandma last night.
Grandma Honey said…
We never get use to missing our Moms.

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