random thoughts

he always took care of me

Wednesday's gracious gift

another year older and wiser too

the birth of a mama

a room filled with woman hearts

a timely message

a favorite nursery rhyme
once upon a time it felt like me

a favorite pastime

a season of abundance and thanksgiving

val loves to puzzle
jack is growing bigger before my eyes

she sings as lovely as she looks

one of a kind

one of a kind

one of a kind

already so much missing in my life
then again

"'Tis better to have loved and lost 
then never to have loved at all."

and not gone for good

so many things i like about this photo
wish i knew who took the picture

an emotional week
"buckets of rain, buckets of tears"
bob dylan



S. Etole said…
This was such a treat in so many ways.
Unknown said…
as usual you make me grateful.
your blog is like a warm hug.
thank you for that.

belated Thanksgiving wishes . my daughter that goes to school in the states was home so that was wonderful.

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