last night i went to sleep knowing i would read the final chapter
knowing that again i would know
praying for the holy promise
fulfilled once again

i am reading the Book of Mormon and marking it for each grandchild
this is the third completed reading
i have fifteen more to go to this point
many more to follow

this is me this morning
i just finished the last word
my day is off to a wonderful beginning

this little girl has been asking for her book
"have you finished yet?"

her cousin Eddie received his book last year
and so did her sister

this is a picture of Ed and Grace

they are the picture of all that is good
he is handsome
she is lovely

i am a better girl because of this book

and tomorrow
i begin again with only Isaac in mind



Cath said…
Oh Cristie, you are such a wonderful grandmother. I love that you are doing this. Mine are marked but it will be years before I pass them over. What has been the response? I'm dying to know. Love your morning hair sweet lady. xo
Melissa: said…
Such a priceless gift and a most dear act of love. I know it's meant for my kids, but whenever I think of it, or see it, I can't help but feel like I'm being blessed by this service. You are a living angel - and these kids are so, so lucky to have you as their Grammy.
cristie said…
So far the three grandchildren that have received their books have been receptive and happy. I make little notes in the margins...sometimes like little journal entries. This has made reading all the more memorable for me. xox
cristie said…
i love you and yours. your heart is pure. xox
S. Etole said…
Such a meaningful and personal gift for your grandchildren.
Grandma Honey said…
I've never heard of anyone doing this for their grandchildren but I am totally impressed. Amazing. And what could be a better gift. Priceless.
Unknown said…
You inspire me so .
I've been very conscious of trying to do a few more tangible things of late. Memories are good, but sometimes we need these keepsakes. The hold in your hand testaments to love.
Thank you for being you and sharing..


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