i'll be okay...

when she was five she said, "will you be okay?"

it was her first day of school and we had been playmates for as long as she could remember. so, off to school she went. making friends, learning new things, having more life.

now she is preparing for marriage.

she will move far, far away. and, i will be okay. she will make new friends, learn new things, and develop a much greater life. she will continue to serve and love. she will grow in beauty and grace.

i will miss her. but, she was a gift that i always knew was temporary. her seven older siblings have taught me to let go and smile.

i will be okay.
i will flourish.
i am living my dream.
my life is good.
i am thankful.



Melissa: said…
You are so awesome. I believe there are such great blessings in store for you. The future is so bright! You are a great example.
Cath said…
That is tender, Cristie. Hard to imagine letting go EIGHT times... You are entering a new phase of your life. And like your past, it will be bright and full and good. I love you so much.
Grandma Honey said…
We just never really expected this to happen did we? We knew in our heads our kids would eventually leave home, but not in our hearts.

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