a few faces that i love

Valerie is a home-made ice cream judge at the ward end of summer social.

Mandy's very first summer social...EVER!

Becky is my faithful walking partner.

Mike Bridge and Liz have always had a soft spot for each other.

Ed and Brady are boyhood friends.

No better men anywhere to be found.

Claire had more pony rides than any other kid there.

Tessa and the great and powerful wizard!

Janie, Lizzie and Nats...sunshine in my world.

Blessed to love every single girl here.



Anna Diederich said…
i think it's no coincidence that i was listening to "for good" from wicked while reading this post. love it!
S. Etole said…
Good to see you here again.
cristie said…
how are YOU! your new header is gorgeous. xox
cristie said…
Happy Birthday darling girl! xox

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