some of July

 The end of June and early days of July were filled with Youth Conference and Girls Camp.
 Stand Ye In Holy Places was the theme for our Youth Conference.
Camp was filled with adventure and caring.
 Then we attended a flag ceremony of the 4th.
 I love to go to church and meet with faces that I love.
 Sweetie lead the bike parade on his scooter.

Alison and her children stopped by to visit my dad on his birthday. He becomes 78 on July 6th and I know that he appreciated this visit. I especially am thankful that she would take a detour when she is making a five hour drive to come home.
Claire was baptized and confirmed in July as well. We were lucky to have so many of the cousins in town to share this special day with her.

 Every day Alison and I went for an early morning walk. Usually Katie would be waiting for our return. I absolutely loved spending time with these girls.
 James will be five in September so we went to Build a Bear. Here he is putting a heart that he has kissed into his new friend Bob II.
 We are really good at just hanging out.
 We ate dinner at Asian Star. I enjoyed the adult company so much.
 Laurel graduated from mental health court. She's off to California and we keep our fingers crossed for her new adventure.
 I have spent 29 hours watching this Korean show with 33 more to go. I am reluctant to continue...only because I hate a sad ending and I like one of these women so much.
 Here we are at the farmer's market looking at pens.
Produce, flowers, bread, honey, soap, musicians, hot hot weather and artisans...we loved it.
 Bo working the sucker.


Grandma Honey said…
This was one of my favorite posts yet! I love all the newsy items and especially the picture of you all "hanging out"
The 4th picture down....the boy on the right looks like Donny Osmond! Is he told that all the time?
cristie said…
Nice to hear from you Jill. And, yes he has been told that a few times. xox
alison said…
love the recap . . . will you send me that picture of us on the front porch & the one of all the kids eating ice cream:)
thanks for documenting so well. love you.

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