September gifts from God

a month filled to the brim
wide ranging
highs and lows
He was always there
to answer
care and confirm

new loves
new names
new faces

his hand is outstretched still

again i am humbled



S. Etole said…
They are so precious, aren't they? Congratulations.
Melissa: said…
What an amazing life. To the brim, it is full. You are such a good mama, such a good example to me.
Grandma Honey said…
So what is his name? Or is it a girl? Congratulations!
cristie said…
Hi Jill! We were blessed with a little boy and girl born on the very same day in September. Our little guy was born in Chicago and our little girl was born in Galveston. I was lucky enough to be able to leave home for 28 days and mother my girls. I loved it! xox

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