a Family December

we gathered
we ate
we played games
we prayed
we laughed
we held babies

we built fires
we went shopping
we shopped some more
we held babies
we burped babies
we fed babies
we changed baby diapers
we bathed babies

we watched movies
we listened to Christmas carols
we hung out
we visited
we talked politics

we held babies
we fed babies
we burped babies
we talked baby talk

we posed in the snow
sweetie wrote our family Christmas letter
sweetie mailed them
we decorated this Christmas tree
we decorated our home
we put lights in each window
we had carolers bringing bread, honey and joy

Oh, Come Let Us Adore Him
we gathered for lunch
we ate pho
we laughed some more
we shared ideas about gratitude and meekness
we had our 40th year wedding anniversary
we ate amazing food
we went to a Christmas concert
we walked fast because it was cold outside
we made traditional food
we made bratzlies and toffee
we ate and ate and ate
we took pictures of babies
we squeezed Rosie and Clementine
we held the magic of Christmas
we took lots of pictures of babies
we went skiing
we had a birthday party for Joseph and Valerie and young Ed
we blessed Clementine
we prepared soup and salad and rolls
we played with Tweetie
we went to a movie (Saratov Approach)
we coughed and sneezed
we ate our favorite foods
we went sledding
we enjoyed our home and all of the people who graced these walls

we had surprises
we gathered
we hugged and kissed
we filled every bed with bodies
we sprawled out and slept on the floors

we prepared food
we prepared food
we went to Costco
and then we prepared food
we participated in a sub for santa
we wrapped gifts
we lit candles
we shoveled snow
we played games over and over and over and still forgot to play Skittles
we put together two jigsaw puzzles
we visited my dad in Farmington
we went to so many parties
we threw so many parties
we took naps
we read the Christmas story
we went to church
we heard George Nielsen report from his mission
we celebrated this little family
we watched Ed and Val's little girls open Christmas gifts
we celebrated our family
we are so thankful for a forever family
we know that Jesus made this possible
we didn't take enough pictures
we are missing key players in our Christmas celebrating
we are missing photos of  Kel, Hankie, Doug and most of the Brasher kids, Ed and Val's girls, the twins, Laurel before her dramatic exit, ... and that's a darned shame.

we are thankful for 2013
we live blessed lives



S. Etole said…
Sounds like a most wonderful Christmas season of celebration. The babies are adorable.
dave said…
A December to go in the books! I love the way you documented this. So much love in that home was shared.
Grandma Honey said…
What a great post and a wonderful way to express and share the joy of your very special and beautiful family! I loved it all!

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