November...The Month of Miracles

Oh most heartbreaking-with gratitude and joy-November
I knew I loved summer months
September and October
the months that are hard to compete with
filled with changing color and temperatures 
But November
you took me by surprise
I thought my heart may break with the joy of you
over and
and over

This Father of Tender Mercies
This God of Miracles
His arms are always outstretched
the Ever welcome


four months later and she is still here
still smiling
what was lost has now been found

death came ... an eternal life took wing

heaven sent this precious little angel
Scarlett Carter
a mother is born

Grammy welcomes her 27th precious babe

would that all babies could go home
and be so loved
this forever family

In Southern California we celebrated
this life well lived
Lois Williams Carter
the best mother-in-law a girl could ever hope for

Our oldest grand
obedient, lovely, and good
off to Lima Peru
"Hola, my name is Hermana Brasher,
and I have some amazing news to share with you!"

My oldest daughter
obedient, faithful, true-
she amazes me

A Supermoon takes my breath away
the closest full moon since January 26, 1948

nearly 200 men gave up their lives here in 1836
"Remember The Alamo"

Clementine...the next generation of American Patriots

My Texas family
dedicated to being their best

and then... all the way from Chicago
this photo of joy
my darlings

meanwhile...all the way from Utah
(I am still in Texas)
Cosmo the Cougar has found my Joseph

at church
in San Antonio
loving our together time

this beauty gave a powerful lesson
so much participation
"Oh ye fair ones, how could ye have departed
from the ways of the Lord!"
Mormon 6:17

and now we wait for another November Miracle
baby Pratt with be joining us
any day



Melissa: said…
So much joy and beauty packed in to one post. I am so, so happy for you!!!

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