Sarah Betts

Sarah Betts
my first cousin
eight generations back
born around 1683
in Long Island, New York

your name was spoken
out loud
in reverence
6 times today
Sarah Betts

today is my mother's birthday
was she there celebrating
with you?

washing, anointing, clothing
those sacred promises just for you

I am
honored to be your proxy
Happy Birthday Mother dear
we are a covenant people


On November 1, 1683, Queens officially became a county and emerged for the first time as a geographical entity. It was named in honor of Queen Catherine of Braganza, wife of King Charles II. The county consisted of the areas that are now Queens and Nassau counties. Each county was divided into towns. In Queens county, there were five towns: Newtown, Flushing, Jamaica, Hempstead, and Oyster Bay. Jamaica was the county seat. 

So just what was your world like in Long Island, New York in 1683?


Maryanne said…
This was so fun! Sounds like a xtra special day for you. And clear back to 1600’s!! Very interesting history on NY and surroundings. I loved it! Looking forward to reading more when time permits♥️

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