a Springtime not to be forgotten

a new kitty
crisis statistics
lives forever changed
an incalculable cost
and loss

quaking ground
shaky opinion

a World Wide Fast as we bow
He who loves us perfectly
breaking bread at home
to always remember

sheltering at home
arms length from loved ones
hoarding toilet paper and bottled water
preoccupation with what matters most

who we are
what we are becoming


So far 7 complicated puzzles completed.

Ridiculously hard shapes for the most challenging puzzle of all.

The seashell puzzle...tough to take down because it was so hard to put together.

Lydia likes to puzzle too.

Our new little Covid kitty.

Holladay friends keep their distance on neighborhood walks.

Moms and kids get creative.

Drive by stops while keeping at arms length.

An early return for Elder Nydegger.

Kelsie takes a guitar class online.

A General Conference to never be forgotten.

Lynda, a nurse with passion for her work.

More than just a name and number.
People with faces and families.

Cute bangs for these little cutie pies.

A homeschool project from another dedicated mom/teacher.

Horsing around with RING!

And kitties just keep growing.

Springtime has truly sprung.

Jack suffered awful pain with his appendicitis.
Alone he went in and out of the hospital for surgery
while his mother waited outside in the car.

Doug drives to town for a one hour meeting
to turn around for another five hour drive home.
Dedication Devotion and Love

These boys manage to get out and wet a line.

Great fishing day for Carter.

While the boys get a haircut I visit my dad.

Backyard haircut for sweetie and Sam...

from my brother, the barber!

Handyman Dylan fixing a leak late at night.

Another puzzler.

And, thanks to Grace, Herman takes flight!

There really is a sense of creating as each new day
opens astounding possibilities.

Still no TP to be had.

#always #remember #weneedeachother #wecandohardthings

Finally some company for dinner.

The Blossom full moon rises as Carter, Abigail, Brandon and I watch.

Michael enjoys seeing his school friends again.

The girls getting ready for Samson's 5th birthday.
We had so many birthday's during our lockdown.

A Mother's Day visit.

Cutest wrapping paper.

Little June-bug with her Papa.

My beautiful girls.

Coming full circle.

Such an awesome gift scanning through faces I love.

the sweetest sharing

Daddy gets a makeover.

Simple. Nutritious. Bounty. YUM.

It's been a long time since I've prepared so much food.

The boys head out to fish.

And finally, three months after no school, it's officially over.

A shiny Elder Carter at his MTC for the day.

What I call my Covid necklace.
I bought it at the beginning of our quarantine
and have yet to take it off.

My takeaway from General Conference
April 2020



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