enough and to spare


*crisp cool mornings
*reading music and fingers follow
*linda's zinnias
*sis and four cookies without
*smiling grand-daughters with peach juice drooling down chins
*clean hair
*warm bed
*harvest colors
*shiny clean fingernails
*laurel's prayer
*a fresh perspective



Unknown said…
love the zinnia... but the socks get me! yes , gratitude there too
Katie said…
There is beauty all around...

I actually made a list in my journal yesterday to view all that I had accomplished during the day. The list was long, but I wasn't fulfilled by looking at it. I think I was determined to feel sorry for myself last night. But, it's a new day! I am a mother, after all (or before all).
cristie said…
i love the promise of a new start that each day brings... but, i love you all the more. xox

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