my joy is full

i knew it.
i knew as i looked out.
i wrote it on my heart.
memorizing faces, seeing families, faces absent now returned...

i knew.
this is true complete joy.
son patting new bride's shoulder.
freshly returned son still looking fresh.
prodigal daughter (her phrase not mine) sweet faced and attentive.
youngest steady sure and true.
chosen one bearing witness.

i savored one perfect moment.
i prayed a silent "thank you"
i wrote it on my heart.
i have realized the fruition of a dream.
"thank you. i will forever be grateful."


Melissa: said…
Loved that. You painted a beautiful picture of a perfect moment.
jerry said…
poetry, pure and simple and wonderful.
Holley Gerth said…
Beautiful, I had a similar experience at my brother's wedding recently. Redemption is breath-taking.
Holley - (in)courage

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