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To be interested in the changing seasons
is a happier state of mind
than to be hopelessly in love with spring.
George Santayana

Usually I wade through January and mid-February with lead shoes. All extremities are cold and I take hot baths and relish my electric blanket. Well, today after reading this quote I intend to embrace this amazing season just for those very reasons. Thankful for a hot soak in the tub, evenings that beckon me to bed at an earlier hour, hot soup, and a little extra reading time. 

First thing in the morning...the photo above is what I see looking out of my bedroom windows. But, always when I wake up it is still very dark outside. The photo below is what I see when I look in the mirror. The wedding and the holidays took their toll, but let's be honest...I would look pretty haggard anyway. My eyes are still red indicating that I am not getting enough sleep. Dang, it's getting harder and harder to fix up plus I had no idea I had an asymmetrical mouth!

Me in the morning!
I wear reading glasses.



Melissa: said…
great perspective. Because it really is delightful, that sensation of snuggling cold toes under a heated blanket. I'm going to try to have a more positive outlook, too.

And I love that picture! Your eyes are bright and smart and your mouth pink and pretty first thing in the morning. I wish I could look that good. Ada said to me once, after I got up, "You know that make up we saw on TV? You should buy some, then maybe you wouldn't look so weird in the morning." HA!
Cath said…
Wow. No shame in posting a picture of yourself first thing in the morning! I love this about you Cristie! The best thing about it is - I think you actually look great! How do you have skin like that without makeup? I don't look that good after fixing up! Thanks for the chuckle.
Unknown said…
Seriously.... you have incredible skin.
The bed head is adorable, but I'm floored by your skin.
I'm looking like a sixty year old lately, and it's dreadfully vain but when I looked at the Christmas photos I cried. I do spent a lot of time outside... and you know kids stress and no sleep , but still.
And I like your reading glasses, they are my BFF lately as well.
alison said…
i love you in the morning. beautiful.

i am going to embrace the season as well. great thought.
Katie said…
I wish I were there to kiss those cheeks.

i had a similar experience when I photographed myself from a taller perspective (above my head). My nose is not nearly as symmetrical as I thought. I feel lied to!

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