knitted love

thirty-five years ago
carefully selected yarn
bulging profile
my firstborn soon to arrive

a baby soft blanket
every stitch with you in mind
we had never met
but, i was already consumed
loving you

i never could complete the gift
transfered to a metal coat hanger
patiently waiting
not one purl to be lost

then yesterday
a dream reminded me
unfinished love
i now possessed the skill
to finish

too late to wrap you
still snowy white
ready to receive
prepared to love



S. Etole said…
love is always in process isn't it?
Unknown said…
oh, you share so beautifully.
tender strong love
alison said…
beautiful, sweet, tender heart.
Unknown said…
Thank you so much for your thoughtful and genuine words on my post.
They meant a lot.

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