to never forget

a day to remember

to be together

bring flowers and bump into cousins

gather with family

eat outside
in a green world
filled with sunshine

such was our day

the queen of hosting

brother, king of the grill

sisters kissed

because we're a kissing bunch

mama's chased babies

while other mama's grow new babies

we played games

these siblings play croquet

while sister is focused on the volleyball

cousins reconnected
they don't kiss

unless they're married

this girl was bored out of her gourd
(i suppose that saying is around because it rhymes with bored)

hot, tired, cranky, restless, impossible
"but this is not as bad as church," she declared to her grandpa
and then proceeded to ask about everclear

what the....

she ate herself sick

she brought an amazing cake

he brought her

brother's hat moved from here

to there

i have a dream

to be a forever family

"for all generations of time, and throughout all eternity"



Dave said…
Wait... Val is pregnant? So I move to Boise and now have to fend for myself. Why is it I find out everything last these days?
alison said…
we really missed out!! missing you all over the holiday . . . thanks for the great pics - i feel like i was a part of it all in a small way:)
cristie said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
cristie said…
i sure missed you guys.

remember, No Empty Chairs.

davey, i'll do a better job of bringing you up to speed.

S. Etole said…
looks like a wonderful day of family and new memories ...
Unknown said…
I think the first post I read of yours was a family one, maybe a wedding... it is such a blessing to feel "invited" to share in this.

you inspire and share joy and faith.

I so appreciate having you here,
I think of you as a friend,
and am loving that you get times like this,
loving that you share them with that special way you have.

love to you.
Cath said…
What a wonderful day - remembering and making memories. Nothing like family.
Deb said…
What a great family! I love to see the pics! Looks like it was a perfect "family day"!
cristie said…
Deb ... how is that little baby growing?

Cath ... back in the neighborhood? We are so lucky.


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