Laurel----Lucille, Adrianne, Star ... and all of the other middle names she chose

my joy is filled to overflowing
my girl
the last few days
once again
sweet, kind, yearning for love
unspoiled in spite of it all                                  

i'd kind of forgotten
how she leans in
that giggle
all conversation she sprinkles
"you know what i mean?"

sometimes i do
mostly i don't

this much i know
once again filled to overflowing
mighty pathos that takes me down
impossible to describe
this miracle of mine

the prayer that never fails
will forever sustain



S. Etole said…
so glad you share your overflowing with us ...
Unknown said…
oh, cristie.
this makes my heart ache in a good way.
so wonderful
she's beautiful
Melissa: said…
I loved listening to her on Sunday, giggling with my kids in the next room.

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