what we did

it's true...we love to go to the fair!

these girls are fair girls

these state fair girls
looking for the seal

we ate greasy fair food
can't remember what this is called
but it was tasty

something here is hysterical...
i love it when my youngest gets a kick out of something

i can't go to the fair without checking out the butter cow
always my very first stop

29 cups of milk to make one pound of butter

i'm training my grand-daughters to love the butter cow

a room full of dahlia's 
every color imaginable

i had no idea these flowers were so lovely
they remind me of fireworks
a huge burst of symmetrical color

miss claire cristie in her balloon hat

don't you think this is a pretty awesome tractor?

we always pet the ponies

this is a fun mama who brings her girls every year

i love looking at the birds

cute girls in their Wrangler's showing their goats
the judging was very interesting

oldest and youngest sons
their dad
my sweetie

beautiful girls i adore

too tired to walk
satisfied and ready to go home

we need about three more hours
leaving too soon
but such a good fair day

the end



Melissa: said…
Funnel Cake (because you feed the dough through a funnel into the grease to fry it). I had one and you were right, it was definitely something I needed to try, so good!

Fun day. Fun pictures. I'm glad you remember to bring your camera!
S. Etole said…
looks like such a fun day ... that chicken is a hoot!
cristie said…
oh...that's right...funnel cake...so tasty. xox
Laura said…
this takes me back a few weeks to our visit to the county fair we enjoyed while visiting family in Ohio. Our favorite thing of all was visiting the goats...something so endearing about them!
Unknown said…
these photos are vibrant and joyous.
I think Canadian fairs are kind of lame in comparison to American ones...
perhaps I'll give it a try again .
Cath said…
I'm feeling like I really missed out! Maybe next year it will seem doable. And really? There's a Butter Cow?? Who knew? Love you Cristie!

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