#14 from the Jar

Write a want ad that describes your mother.

WANTED...a beautiful woman who is scrupulously clean, not afraid of hard work, and can deal with a demanding husband. You will give birth to six children and launch them to independence. You must effectively teach and train children that mostly obey...but can dish out baloney. You must handle disappointment and not skip a beat. You will be greatly valued. It is required that you iron t-shirts, jeans, and keep up with plenty of laundry. There will be three meals on the table with a tablecloth every day of the year.  You will need to can peaches and pears, bottle pickles and tomatoes. It is essential that you are thrifty. Absolute loyalty is required. Expect your pay to be tears, smiles, love, forgiveness, gratitude, help, loyalty, kindness and an unforgettable legacy. 

Whiners need not apply. If you can meet this description call: axtel 5 1170 George has been waiting for you all of his life...and he still waits.



S. Etole said…
what an interesting idea!
Melissa: said…
oh i loved this so much, it made me choke up. so sweet.
Unknown said…
I have it so much easier and still whine.

and cristie?

I love you .

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