random thoughts at 8:30

  1. i like ann curry
  2. my left hip flexor is strained making sleep difficult
  3. i need to get through my Cheerios before they get soggy
  4. today predicted to be the hottest day of the year
  5. clean windows make me want to jump through them
  6. is it possible to be genetically grumpy? i see a trend
  7. a glass of water poured on the porch...then dancing my feet through
  8. michelle's son got a 36 ACT (perfect) score and best of all he's a wonderful son and brother
  9. laurel ditched probation and ran away to so. cali.
  10. 40 year reunion next month...whatever happened to roger arnold?
  11. do i really have to feed the canary again...
  12. the last two books i read were mediocre 
  13. when i drive into the driveway i smell roses



S. Etole said…
it was 46F here this morning ... a lovely morning with a heavy dew
Grandma Honey said…
Your left hip flexor... I wonder if that's a tendon? It's so hard getting sleep when you can't get comfortable.
Cath said…
I love your random thoughts. xoxo
Anonymous said…
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