the hills are alive

with the sound of
rushing waterfalls

 cows at home in the Swiss Alps

 a Swiss chalet
 could Heidi live here?

thanks to Nate we have these amazing photos
 one of my favorite places

 singing..."the hills are alive with the sound of music"
a poor but lively rendition 
i will never forget this day
the church
maybe my favorite
the picnic on the mountain bench
the hike
the sunbathers
the mosaics
large key that let us in the church
little cemetery
oh, did i mention the delicious lunch
Nate packs the best lunch



S. Etole said…
This must have just thrilled your heart. What magnificent views.
Cath said…
I could cry those pictures are so gorgeous. A dream of mine. To stand, climb the alps. Sounds heavenly, all of it. xoxo

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