3:48 AM

it was just a dream
a bad one
i decide to check on you
round the corner
only your white hair
blue eyes
barely visable
mostly submerged
looking for help

it was just a dream
that woke me pre-dawn
i jumped in the water
overshot the jump
snatched you up

only a dream
you were two
maybe three
"don't swim without me"
you nod
"do you know how many times
i've pulled you out"
i hold up four fingers

even though a dream
i'm sick inside
sleep has fled
i want to bawl
you looked so helpless

the dream evaporates
i pray
so thankful
it was just a dream

(note...two separate times i have jumped in the water to pull out totally submerged little kids. both times i was fully dressed...once in a pond; the other time a swimming pool...neither of those kids were mine...so scary)



James Goldberg said…
That is way scary: both the reality and the dreams.

Kids have a way of intensifying our sense of vulnerability.

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