my saint

Cleo Call Clark

"she had a hard life"
i was told
but i never heard her complain
i would ask her snoopy questions
intrigued by polygamy
"just never you mind dear"

a mixture of good with spunk
bearing cinnamon rolls
and thirteen children
we pulled honey taffy

daughter of
Anson B. Call and Mary Theresa Thompson
grew up in Colonia Dublan polygamy

she loved me
referred to her husband as "daddy"
his second living wife

straight forward
endured sever hardship
ostracized and poor
but i never heard her complain

my dad used to say,
"she never spoke an unkind word about anyone"
now that's a tribute

some have said
i am most like her
she thought so too

she pieced and quilted two quilts for me
crocheted around coat hangers
helped me prepare a Sunday school talk
completed my Primary pillow
"i will bring the light of the gospel into my home"
still on my bed
stood by the organ and sang while i played
a card for every birthday
attended my plays

she was there...
only family member
at my wedding reception
traveling 625 miles
she came, for me
she will come for me again

one time i ran away to her arms
her home
understanding and compassionate
she told me others had come
when i asked who
"just never you mind dear"

i love her



Julie said…
Honestly, let me wipe my tears and then I'll comment.............ok, done! If your grandma was anything like you, I'm sorry I didn't live earlier to get to know her..but then, maybe we wouldn't have ended up as neighbors and dear friends. I love how you are doing your personal history. I could take a page from your book. A bit every day. Very impressive! Most entries make me want to sit on your couch and hear more.
alison said…
i am so glad you are recording this for posterity . . . for me.

what a tribute to such an incredible woman.

you are the same kind of grammy for my little ones.

love you.
Melissa: said…
What a beautiful way to mark your life. What a beautiful, lovely woman.
Unknown said…
These posts are so incredible. I hardly have words .
You honour without judgement, dignify and inspire.
This type of thing has been on my mind too.
But I always complicate things and then they never get done.
Barbara said…
Hi. I'm writing a biography on Lorna Call Alder (Cleo's half-sister) and stumbled on your blog through my research. I'd love to talk with you sometime about your Grandma's memories. Please contact me if you are interested.

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