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if you are taking statements...

And even if you're not -I wanted to share my week with you because  I feel bad about whining yesterday, and I think I had a sort of epiphany today that I'm excited about!

  • Some days are good and some are not - just like before this challenge.
  • Fries and chips and pasta do NOT compensate for no sweets and soda.  That's a good thing!
  • Already, in two weeks time I can see just how dependent I have become to consuming.  Eating, drinking, buying, computer/blogging (consuming images and ideas, quickly and half-heartedly).  I think one of the best things I can learn from this challenge is how to just NOT consume something.   Not have a three o' clock treat and not have something in it's place, either.  Not nurse a diet coke while doing other things.  Not buy shoes (I say this, because I remember when I did Lent I seemed to compensate my lack of treats with purchases).  Maybe after a while I can start being patient and find satisfaction in the doing of things.  Really, I have been such a slug, so so unhealthy. I haven't put a lot of focus in learning or growing my talents or rearing my family or keeping house. 
I think I will learn a lot with this whole thing.  I act like a big baby a lot of the time, but that's okay.  I'll grow up eventually, because I AM NOT QUITTING THIS!  :)

Love you,

this makes a lot of sense to me



Cath said…
Melissa - I think you're amazing.

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