the game

the players
the few.the brave.the fun

sissy...she's tenacious; very disciplined 

danny...i personally saw him eat an enormous burrito
just to get a free one at another time
what i'm trying to say...COMPETITIVE 

becky...she's got a six month record for going without treats
she'll be tough

cristie...she intends to buy a new mac when the game is over

david...loves soda and has his eye on a gun or rod and reel

melissa...loves soda and is more than ready to kick her health up a notch

alison...she's in...LOOK OUT!

winner takes $1200

no fee to enter
if you eat 
candy, dessert, treats, soda (get the drift?)
it will be one expensive sweet

make a $200 check to me
i put it in the bank

last man/woman standing takes the prize!

truth of the kick junk out of our diets will make us all winners!

~oh i love a game~
and motivation



Anna Diederich said…
i'm going to participate without actually entering the contest. i've been off soda for 16 months and been looking for a good reason to get off the junk food.
cristie said…
yea Anna! Katie is doing the same thing. No soda for 16 mos. is HUGE. xox
Anna Diederich said…
my email is i'm just gonna hit it up in katie's style. no money, just participation.
Cath said…
Wow. I'm impressed. You guys are awesome (or crazy!) Sugar is a huge part of my sanity. I might die right now without it. Maybe some day I'll have that kind of discipline. Hats off! Here's to a new mac!
Grandma Honey said…
A gambling family huh? :))) What if you all hold out forever... :)

Hope you get your Mac! How wonderful. Wish I had one.
cristie said…
you know...i suppose we are a betting bunch. we used to play poker...all of us...until we were ever so kindly rebuked. and if we all hold out forever...imagine all of the sugar our bodies won't have to deal with! i wish there were a way to know just how much junk i ingest over the course of a month. xox

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