for the record

the gamers have successfully completed one week...

melissa...They say if you can make it past day three, you can easily make it a hundred more...  really?
I think my headache is finally going.  YAY!
Hope you all are doing well  :)

david...I had a challenging day... A piece of $200 cherry pie was calling my name. I love cherry pie.

anna...Try sweetening your food with just mashed raspberries, strawberries, or blueberries.  Banning syrup?  I assumed.  I'm having a hard time not eating the Ukrainian chocolate my host mom just sent me!

becky...Just in the middle of making chocolate chip oatmeal cookies!  They look good, smell good, even have to touch them- Justin says they taste good-BUT doesnt feel as good as feeling like you have a little control and self discipline!  Couple sugar headaches- but not too hard of a week- nice to think I can beat the Sug addiction!  I know from doing this before- soon we will feel lots of extra energy! I can't remember how long it will be though-

katie...I was so saturated at the beginning of the week that I didn't actually miss the sugar until about Thursday. I intended to quit already on Thursday, but my friend Julie talked me off the ledge. I remain.


No Sweets/Caffeine Haiku (my statement)

Headache is gone (phew!)
But now I'm to live, daily,
With constant longing?

becky...her kids, "would you really take $200 from dave?"

anna...My first week has been composed of a combination of threatening cravings, overcome with spurts of confidence, simply to be followed by minutes of [debating] just staring at the Ukrainian chocolate my host mom sent to me, which arrived this week.  If I can give up that divine Ukrainian chocolate to the rest of my family now, I can give up the rest of America's mediocre sweets to those who are able to care less for their health and/or pride.

alison...My week was challenging. I was grumpy and had a dull headache for a couple of days. I had moments where I was glad I signed on for the challenge and others where I wasn't. It's good to get the first week behind me!

sam/mellissa's husband..."i offered her $200 to quit." she's been a little grumpy.


danny...Breakfast?  It was delicious - green drink...

liz...i keep dreaming i am eating forbidden food!

david...Also, is Gram Crackers and milk ok? and....

Ali is none to happy about joining this challenge.

ali's little lydia...none to happy either.



Melissa: said…
I've been waiting for this post! Hoping it would give me a laugh and a boost. It did. My resolve is strengthened, which is good, because I can already see this week is going to be worse than last week. I dreamed three times last night that I drank coke. It was mighty good. Woke up in a panic, ha! If I can make it long enough to see the health benefits, I will consider this a major success. :) Thanks Cristie!
S. Etole said…
This is a very interesting journey all of you are on ... having just drunk a Coke and eaten a Bavarian custard Bismarck!
Unknown said…
too funny..
and I'm not much of a sweet eater, don't drink pop or anything..
I'm more addicted to salty things.
alison said…
oooh! i love your new blog look:)

love reading what everyone had to say. may favorite picture is the last;)
The Carters said…
Dave has been dreaming of me eating ice cream with my hands and rubbing it in his face. Poor fella...
Lynda Carter said…
Haha! This is a great post! I love everyones updates on how they are handling no treats. 1 week is a huge accomplishment already! :)
Grandma Honey said…
Trust me on this...the craving WILL go away, completely. In fact if you stay off the sugar long enough it will make you sick to eat won't want it.
Relyn Lawson said…
Lydia is cracking me up. I would absolutely look like she does if I were on your challenge.

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