i will miss you

Kristi Bringhurst Clark


my sister-in-law Kristi passed away today
she was forty years old

i will always appreciate her genuine kindness
she had a soft spot for the "under dog"
she had compassion
even in the end

she loved my brother
and she was always so proud of her son

she leaves a hole
and a smile

“Faith in God includes Faith in God's timing.”
― Neal A. Maxwell



Grandma Honey said…
Oh this is hard. So so hard. I am so sorry.
Cath said…
Oh my goodness Cristie. I am so sorry. So sad for her family. That quote about faith in God's timing is a hard one to swallow sometimes. Sending you love.
alison said…
perfect quote. sad day. sweet tribute.

love you.
Tiff Gatten said…
Thank you for the kind words about my sister. She was such a kind person, and I loved her so much. I'm overwhelmed with sadness, and it's wonderful to hear such good things said about her.
Suzy said…
I used to get my nails done by Vicki her mother. I knew her as a teenager, she was 8 yrs younger than I. I am sad to hear of her passing..but know she is in a better place and it's everyone left behind that is in pain. I'm praying for peace for the whole family.. RIP Kristi. Suzy Angell
cristie said…
dear tiff...i am so sorry for your loss. xox

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