my brother the barber

my brother Anson is fifteen years younger than i

he is the baby of our family
he has a happy heart
and a quick wit

his business is located in Farmington
all of the Clark pioneer homes are down the street

my brother is creative
he has airplanes suspended from the ceiling
he made that stained glass pane
painted the guy on the outside of the building
decorated the inside...all cool retro stuff

a disco ball
with vinyl records playing
a pretty good collection

his place is a visual feast
reminders of days long gone

sweetie is a faithful customer
he smells like bay rum when he's done

this is my brother nate and my dad...they have the same name
they are sitting on an old church pew

we are horsing around
(without the horse)

i love these men
the photo would be complete if Jeff were here
see how trim and handsome sweetie looks!

come to Farmington
Anson will give you an awesome haircut
and he's fun to talk to



Melissa: said…
Such a great place! Such handsome guys.
Grandma Honey said…
That is the best looking barber shop! I had to call my husband in from the other room to take a peek.
S. Etole said…
What a wonderfully unique barber shop.
Cath said…
I love these pictures. What a cool barber shop. Cool brother. Loved seeing you this morning! Made my week! xoxo

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