forty-four years ago today

October 22, 1967--I received my Patriarchal Blessing.

These many years later I am still so thankful for the source of care, comfort and guidance it has been for me.

All my life I have been thankful for this personal scripture.

I visited the Patriarch, Alma Dorus Eakle, when I was fourteen years old. It was a Sunday morning and my mother dropped me off at his modest little home in Woods Cross. I went fasting and eager. I had heard about these blessings and was curious to see what this experience would hold for me. Two weeks later when the typed and recorded blessing came in the mail I was pleased to finally be holding my very own Patriarchal Blessing.

"As you seek the Lord in prayer, so shall peace be in your heart and in your home and a haven shall be created unto all who come into your habitation."

Just a snippet of promise and fulfillment.



Grandma Honey said…
I got my blessing when I was 14 also. It's been such a guide all of my life since then. I use to read over and over again especially the part about how my home and family would be.
S. Etole said…
It extends to those of us who visit here as well.
alison said…
Home has always been a haven. Thank you for teaching me through your faith and example. Xoxo

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