how hard can it be at the DMV?

Today was to be the day!
Renew my drivers license 
 I collected all four pieces of identification
 I came with the fee
 who knows where in the heck my SS card is
 I haven't seen one of these since college
 at first the lady looked shocked
her head jerked back a little

"you've never worked?"

"well, yes I've worked"

"doing what?"

"I have eight children"

then she looked disgusted
"come back when you have a SS card"
I felt like one of these.



S. Etole said…
I thought I was leaving a comment in the other format but now this one popped up!
The Carters said…
Mom, this is Davey. I just LOVED this blog! The pictures you included were hilarious, and I'm a little mad that someone looked disgusted with you. In reality, she's just envious.

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