she is holding on
President Hinckley's shovel
used to move earth

see her smile
so much more than
another pretty face

she is holding on
because he held there too
touching where he grasped
an even more sacred handle
because she held there too

she is holding on
such determination
a wonder to see
giving her all

she is holding on
all her might, mind, strength
and night

she is holding on
moving heaven
and earth
His echo



Cath said…
What a telling tribute. Holding on - indeed! Faye is amazing. An inspiration to all of us. Love the picture. It captures her strength and commitment. Beautiful Cristie!
alison said…
Mom, this is so sweet. I will always remember that special weekend at women's conference with you and faye. she is beautiful. i love what you wrote.

swensen squeeze said…
Christie - thanks for this wonderful post...do you mind if I steal it for my blog? Thank you for reminding me again, why I love that woman SO much!!
cristie said…
amy, i would be happy for you to put this on your blog. xox

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