lucky in love

were you ever picked last?

choosing teams
hoping hoping hoping
pick me

knowing full well you stink
at hitting the ball

then, last one standing
feeling left over--
left out

how about a spelling bee?

please, oh please, oh please
let my word be easy

i just don't want to be
first to sit down...or second
disgraced feeling dumb
in front of peers

life is like that sometimes
no luck with the lottery
russian roulette--
doubt i'd hear the click

but, meeting you
you choosing me
first choice
boy howdy!
spelling bee's be damned

when it really matters

i hit the jackpot!



S. Etole said…
and so did he it would seem ... happy heart-filled to you
alison said…
yes you did, but so did he:)

i have to smile when i see that face.

Cath said…
This poem is priceless. You two are synergy at its best. Lucky both ways to be sure! Happy V-day you two lovebirds!
Unknown said…
Hope you had a perfect love filled day...
and to many more of them
Deb said…
Sweet. I agree with Ali...I always smile when I see that face.

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