my only one

my folks were less than excited
when i brought him home
scruffy, aimless, short

but for me
"a diamond in the rough"

i wasn't thinking make-over
but there was sparkle
i was dazzled 

how to account for attraction

i still remember where we were
something he said
faith filled
i asked skeptical
"do you really believe that?"
he nodded yes

this speech was foreign
yet i understood
stepping into sunshine
feeling familiar

expectation met up with reality
and i almost passed him by
searching for a preconceived notion
of what love looks like
feels like

looking back
so thankful
for a leap of faith
never to regret



Unknown said…
here's to leaps of faith.
I love hearing about your love.
It spills over
S. Etole said…
you were wise to recognize your gem ...
Cath said…
Ditto. I love hearing about you two. Makes the heart swell. Cute Jerry. Is that an arcade he is standing in front of??
Melissa: said…
your faith helped me to take the leap. I'm so glad I did!
Deb said…
I love hearing that poem. Really...who couldn't love Jerry?!

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