gone too soon

last night i slept with baby dear
hoping mom would get some rest

her first feeding came all too soon
then she was whisked away
to the source of nourishment

as we lay in the dark
i listen to sighs and squeaks
reach out in the night
make sure that fuzzy head
still warm

she'll never remember
i'll never forget



Cath said…
"She'll never remember, I'll never forget" - precious. Isn't that reality of our time with these little ones - so new and unsullied. She's lucky to have you as Grandma. And I hope Ali got some sleep!
S. Etole said…
that last line is so poignant ... her heart will know the love
S. Etole said…
Just to let you know ... I chose you for a little game of tag if you would like to join in the fun. Please see my post for the guidelines. Thanks!
alison said…
i will never ever forget. i love you and am missing you.
Unknown said…
I think babies remember in their souls.
She drank your heart in , as you did hers.

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