all i wanted

seven years ago
she lay dying
"do i have anything you want"
there was something
connected with a long ago memory
a time
when she cried

she was all gussied up
going to a flapper party with a girlfriend
she had made a dress
planned and looked forward to
all ready to go
purse in hand

maybe i was seven or eight
then he came home
"you can't go, you belong home
taking care of these kids"
the party clothes came off
never to be seen again

but, the little chainmail bag
tucked away
it was her mother's
and now it's mine
satin lining
small round mirror in pocket
lace hankie

the purse, the memory
her disappointment
all mine



Unknown said…
cristie , this broke and burst my heart at the same time.

and that little bag is superb. Have you ever used it?
Cath said…
Wow. What a story. What a memory. That bag is gorgeous! A true treasure. I want to know too. Have you used it?
cristie said…
this little purse hangs in the dining room on the wall next to the grandfather clock.

i've never used it.

but, i look at it every day. xox
S. Etole said…
your last verse ... priceless in meaning
tonia said…
such a story! you told it so well with so few words...that's coming from the heart. i'm overcome with the wish to hug that young mother, tell her she is lovely and send her out the door to play for awhile.

so glad you treasure the should be.


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