a Canon story

i got a simple point and shoot camera at Christmastime from my sweetie
"now you can add photos to your blog"

but, i live with someone who is 
very good,
with a pretty nice camera

these are a few examples of her mid-sentence helpful hints

"i think you cut the top of the head off because of LOST"

as you can see... not all head tops are missing
although i will miss Jack ever so much

here she is fiddling around with aperture
whatever in the heck that is

her big sister has a super-nice camera
and will stand on stools to get the perfect shot

(sorry ali, but i think you look cute, and maybe just a little annoyed)

i can get in the way

she mentors little sister
just yesterday she asked,
"is she taking pictures every day?"

how i would have loved this technology 
in the early days
of mothering

and, a big helpful sister

the. end.



S. Etole said…
looks like lots of fun photos to come ...
Unknown said…
they know what they are doing.
I am so tech challenged. I have a DSRL camera with one extra lens That and the free online Picnik.

I so need to learn about aperature and white light to take people pics and inside pics and .....

I find my brain just cannot figure out the manual. I need a big sister too!!
alison said…
we love our canon's:) fun post! love all the pictures;)
Dave said…
I love my sisters :)Great post mom, sure had me laughing.

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