the jetty

on the jetty

small body wedged

odds and ends
this and that
washed in with the tide
ocean lovelies

sea creatures foreign 
to desert dwellers
ready to pinch

thrilled with this find
the rest used as bait

reminders everywhere
of His beauty
the smell, the sound
the briney feel

to search the jetty
to love the ocean
to remember Heavenly Father
to embrace each other

we are found



Julie O'Leary said…
Oh Cristie, how fun! You are a good grandma!
Unknown said…
I love oceans,
and searching for treasures,
It's why i like to go for walks I think.

and your smile lights up the monitor, my morning,
my heart!
S. Etole said…
There's always such love to be found in your photos and words.
Lizzie said…
absolutely beautiful. such a spirit is felt. i love you
Relyn Lawson said…
You know, I was at the ocean last week and it was a gift from the Father. Such a gift. I brought home four Japanese fishing floats. Oh, yes. I am happy with my treasures.

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