overhead bowling
tree leaves shiver ... quiver
i listen
my very favorite weather
it always shouts
"pay attention; you are puny"

what can compare
these low deep rumblings
make me feel quiet
i listen
His power

so far Pennsylvania
offered the grandest electricity

still it was Colorado
our house hit
dropping the ceiling
splinters of wood
protruding like arrows
shot with fury
the boom shook
we shook
then the house smelled like caps
the kind i pounded as a kid
rock - caps - etching soot on the curb
my baby's room
scattered debris in his wee bed
he safely nursed and tucked away in my room
a wonder

when it's time to leave
i will hope
to be struck
yes, a method of death wish

if only i would hear the crack

oh how i love lightening and thunder



S. Etole said…
your words carry me and that image is fascinating ...
Cath said…
Cristie - this one of my favorites you have written. Do go out with a flash of light, a clap of thunder. Now that's something...
Cath said…
edit: TO go out... (not Do)
Unknown said…
I don't see my comment here.

I was left haunted by this though.

Relyn Lawson said…
I'm a weather baby, too. There's nothing like a good storm to make me happy. I love that you are like that, too.

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