she's in heaven

who would have thought?
believe me
i tried
wrong on so many levels
my darling little Mormon girl
rave beads

she hounded
from Salt Lake to Mesquite
"can i just spend $1 in the slots"
which ended up $2 or three

control went out the window
long ago

what does it be "right"

child of God
kind heart

and when all was balanced on the scales
stoping for a smoke
showing us how to be "lucky"
her giggling
our feet melting into that hot hell
10 in the morning pavement

being right and uptight
just seemed wrong

in the end
hugs win



S. Etole said…
Oh, yes ... love never fails.
Unknown said…
hugs win.

oh , but ....

I'm still learning .
Cath said…
Your perspective is wise Cristie. You are so good.
Melissa: said…
I have loved catching up with your entries since coming home. So awesome.

She beamed all the way to Cali and had a blast. It was so nice to have her there, and you really made it fun for her. You are a great example.
Melissa: said…
Well, maybe not beamed "all the way" to Cali...I heard she got sick of the drive. ;)
You know what I mean.

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