before and after

years ago I painted this little motto above Alison's closet doors

while she was here visiting last week
she said
"I need to take a picture of this"

she is referring to my "nest"

my side of the bed
filled, stacked, to over flowing
books, papers, stuff
always multiplying 

my little "prayer rug" covered
cast off papers read

ready to junk

well, Tweety joined me in a little organization project

i hauled this little piece out of the basement
not being used

cleared off my nightstand

repositioned my little rug...inviting me

so alison, isn't this much better?

a motto above the closet
a good reminder



alison said…
LOVE it!! your room looks so inviting with the lamp lit and the light so soft in the room. now i need to get busy over here. great reminder to make do with what we have:) i love you.
Lizzie said…
looking good! my favorite part was tweety.
Grandma Honey said…
I never would have thought to put that saying in a bedroom, but I think it's perfect. My mom use to say that, but I don't know if I ever said it to my kids.

Your bed is so beautiful! And I can relate to the stack of books...I always have one. :)
S. Etole said…
very restful and beautiful ... like you ...
Unknown said…
I so need to give my room a makeover. Ordering a king sized bed finally . That's key.

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