two fun weekends...gone

It is said that any virtue, when taken to an extreme, can become a vice.  Over scheduling our days would certainly qualify for this.  There comes a point where milestones can become millstones and ambitions, albatrosses around our neck.
Dieter F. Uchtdorf

i welcome conference weekend always with happy anticipation

lynda had a birthday which added to the fun

these little girls love a party

these big girls love each other

this big brother made her a cd of music she listens to all of the time

i'm glad he's mine

she got birthday lucky...he got life long lucky

all of this excitement goes with a few pointers

then the Brasher's rolled into town

bringing little lydia
and her five mentors

a short visit i enjoyed so much

sis in her new Christmas boots
early early i know

and this morning's sky filled with promise

(no millstones or albatrosses in sight)



Grandma Honey said…
My goodness what a gorgeous family you have!

I really like that window frame you have with "When the Lord closes a door...." I saw that first on the Sound of Music as a little girl, and when hard times have come through the years I think of it.
Melissa: said…
I love all the pictures, but I especially love the one of you at the top. So pretty.
Unknown said…

such joy. everyone knowing what matters.
Unknown said…
oh, and I had to google that term you used for my writing... still working on learning more about it.
thanks for that.

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