top 100

it's almost ten o'clock last night...last night of the month...he's in the closet getting ready for bed...she's in the bathroom messing around was one of the best days of my life

him...really, the best?

me...well, it would make the top 100

him...i wonder what my top 100 would be

me...well 8 would be the days my kids were born...then the days they were married---(slight pause) even though today had a rocky start come? were a pain this morning

him...chuckle  (pause) i forgot

she smiles at him thankful for another wonderful day...with him.


  • being in the temple
  • finding parking without too much trouble
  • lunch with a good friend
  • basket of gifted apples on the counter
  • multitudes in the mirrors
  • perfect warm days with cool evenings
  • enjoying interacting with so many people i love
  • Vivaldi four seasons
  • surprise ... a grand-daughter grabs me by the knees
  • shiny new love
  • polished old love
  • he was willing and ready to buy...i resisted
  • small paper bag filled with favorites
  • sissy loves life
  • Laurel sounds good
  • Ed's cat is on the mend
  • Valerie reached her goal
  • Davey-boy will take Carter fishing
  • it's conference weekend
  • checking out a new book store with sweetie
  • the canary loves Vivaldi too
  • eating home grown tomatoes he brought to fruition
  • counting up past mercies



Grandma Honey said…
That little conversation spells a very happy marriage. I can tell. :)
Melissa: said…
I love your conversations.

From the looks of your list, I can see why it made the top 100.
alison said…
oh how i love your blog. every morning i check my google reader i am hoping there is a treat from you.

i love these glimpses into your life. i can hear the conversation out loud as i read. i love you both so much.

i need to visit with you about this top 100!
S. Etole said…
such love and comfort evident in your list ... and a beautiful heart

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