k.k.k. katie

not so long ago this little girl lived with us
when she was as tall as a door knob
it seemed as though she ran into one at least once a day.

my sister had a friend named katie
that's when i knew i would name a little girl

not katherine
not kathleen
just katie...katie carter.

she broke her arm riding our banister 
from the second floor to the first
she just went plop-- over the side.

but, she was like that
full of fun and adventure
and good ol' fashioned mischief.

she has a great laugh
and when she's around
somehow there's a lot to laugh about.

she always hated to be told what to do
sassy is in her blood
i love that about her.

and even though she lives far away
in the windy city
i feel very close to her.

wishing you could hear her laugh
then we all would have to join in
and share in her glow.

k.k.k. katie
beautiful katie
you really are the
g.g.g. girl we all adore.

when the m. moon shines
over the mountain
i'll be waiting at the
k.k.k. kitchen door.

it's true dear Kate
i'll always be waiting for you.

(some lyrics by Geoffrey O'Hara and published in 1918)



Grandma Honey said…
I can see that sassy spunk written all over her face. What a treasure.
Melissa: said…
Just reading this I could hear her laugh and it made me smile.
So sweet and so true.
Katie said…
Oh, thank you mom! That was so sweet. I love you.
Cath said…
Your last three posts are so heartfelt. What a sweet tribute to Katie. I love the pictures!

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